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Bau Winkel

Bau Winkel (1948) led the design agency Studio Bau Winkel for almost forty years. He specialized mainly in typography. His studio was responsible, among other things, for the corporate identity of various ministries.

The studio also designed stamps for PTT Post. Bau Winkel, together with others, published a number of experimental publications. The work of Studio Bau Winkel has been awarded many times nationally and internationally and is included in the collection of the House of the Book Museum in The Hague.


In 2014 he made the documentary 'Vlucht uit Holland', broadcast by VPRO, with director Ger Poppelaars.


Since 2013 he has been designing and making models of cars and motorcycles.

His creations are inspired by the 1950s, his use of color and detailing are contemporary. He likes clear shapes where rhythm, irregular regularity, intersections of surfaces and a sleek, individual color palette are important elements.

He designed an alienating font for this project. 'Sometimes it needs a bit of sanding'. Bau Winkel lives and works in The Hague.


Information about Bau Winkel (dutch)

Joost Swarte

Joost Swarte (1947) is best known for his illustrations for comic books, stamps, posters and covers for magazines such as Humo and The New Yorker. But he also designs spatial work: from furniture to buildings.

His style is very recognizable and is described by him as'ligne claire' with strong colors and shapes, cartoonish in character in a realistic environment.

The drawings often have something ironic. The compositions of the various subjects that have been brought together tell a small story for the viewer.


You will encounter his work all over the world in museums, collections and of course in numerous publications. Joost Swarte lives and works in Haarlem.

Information about Joost Swarte


Ossip (1952) often works with photographic images from the past, from old encyclopaedias, newspapers and publications. These images are often produced for registration only and not with the intention to create a beautiful image.

When they are taken out of their context and processed, art is created. The addition of unexpected materials and the uncovered connection among the different parts give the images a completely new meaning. Often vulnerable, melancholy or just funny.

Because his works are three-dimensional, his creations become part of our own space. To make them move, we have to touch them. Ossip lives and works in The Hague, his work is included in various museum collections.

information about Ossip

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